The Two Turnips

A good cake should never be enjoyed alone

The Two Turnips celebrates the friendship between baker and those of us who deserves something simpler. It is a continuous and collaborative effort that make the world around us a bit closer.

Our Promise

Chiffon Cake

Premium Ingredients

Fresh is the best

There’s zero comprises made in the choice of ingredients that we use. Our ingredients are selected based on quality and reliability internationally. Strictly no artificial flavouring and chemical leavener used! 


Authentic Flavours

Originality isn't dead

Sweet or savoury, we embrace it all here in our kitchen. We don’t subscribe to certain styles or trends, and that means we’re staying authentic to the local flavour and bringing that love to a wider audience.


Fluffiest Chiffon Ever

This is no bluff

It’s no cotton candy, but we’d like to believe we come close as far as Chiffon cakes are concerned. Every slice you put in your mouth will be the fluffiest chiffon cake our kitchen can muster. 


Next Day Deliveries

Order today, get it tomorrow

There’s a tiny detail to our delicious tasting chiffon cakes; preservatives are simply not used at all! We only start to bake once an order is received, and you get to enjoy it fresh out of the oven. 

Meet Chef Cindy

A process involving meticulous articulation and temperament, Cindy bakes from the unconventional perspective of an artist. Having spent her earlier years in Singapore in art school and the education industry, she developed a rigorous approach in baking to make the fluffiest chiffon cake.

Beyond the hat of a chef,  Cindy takes a stance of how food quality affect the one’s well-being and health. Through understanding the nature of ingredients, her day to day routine involves pairing them in unconventional ways in order to find the perfect balance of nutrition and flavour.

Getting the fundamentals right is one thing, getting it perfect is another. The Two Turnips is the embodiment of this simple idea of creating the perfect chiffon cake. 

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Chef Cindy